A few voices from our team that represent what drives us

Qualified. Experienced. Creative. Flexible. These are just a few adjectives that describe the makeup of our team; a team that bands together to reach the final goal. aspiria | nonfood has around 65 employees from different professional backgrounds who work together on projects with a high level of expertise, personal responsibility and passion.



IT is involved in various work processes and works very independently. This means that you can keep learning, and it doesn't get boring. My goal is to relieve the aspiria team of monotonous work through automation, increasing the company’s motivation and agility in the process.



I like working at aspiria, everything is just spot on here! The work in the warehouse is very varied because we regularly take delivery of a lot of new products. I love coming here every day!



The aspiria non-food team is as diverse and varied as our products. This makes every day in HR varied and different. Working with people is my passion, so I still enjoy my job after 9 years.

product testing


I like the pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the team and have very quickly been made to feel welcome at aspiria. When problems arise, you always find a sympathetic ear and come together with others to find a reasonable solution.

Product Management


As a product manager, I deal with a diverse range of interesting articles on a daily basis. Since no job here is the same as the next, I’m constantly learning with each project. Teamwork and communication play an essential role in overcoming the many challenges.



I really enjoy mastering the constant succession of new challenges you get in international logistics. The distinctive aspiria team spirit is particularly motivating.

Project Coordination


I appreciate the short lines of communication, the flat hierarchies and the opportunity for personal development. Working with a friendly and motivated team to tackle the new challenges of the discount business every day is what sets aspiria apart!



What I especially like about my work at aspiria is that no two days are the same. We work closely together across the departments, growing as a unit as we deal with our projects and tasks along the way.

Technical Editor


As a technical editor, I particularly enjoy dealing with the range of products and the diversity of the job. In addition to the tasks involved in “classic” technical documentation and writing user manuals, writing marketing texts for packaging or advertising is also part of our day-to-day business. Despite all the challenges involved, a good team atmosphere ensures that the work is a lot of fun.

Industrial Design


Working as an industrial designer at aspiria is as varied as the non-food items that I get to design on my drawing board. The good level of interaction with one another as well as an open daily rhythm are positive points that my colleagues and I appreciate a lot. In this environment, it’s really easy for me to develop new product ideas.

Quality Management


The size of aspiria allows me to be closely involved in the development of a product – and to experience success and challenges as part of a group. Being part of the teams’ interaction in a positive working environment is definitely fun. Our product variety always makes it possible for me to enhance my know-how with respect to product quality.

Graphics Department


In the eight years that I have worked at aspiria, I have been able to gather a lot of valuable experience. For example, in addition to further training as a media specialist, I was given the opportunity to take on additional responsibility as a team leader. The varied requirements involved in the individual projects are by no means boring. From designing appealing sales packaging to planning and accompanying internal or external photo shoots with the right models and locations, each product brings its own set of challenges with it.



Managing the day-to-day operations at aspiria is a challenge – and a positive one, at that. Due to the rapidly changing business and our large variety of products, the ability to be flexible and proactive are our top priorities.