Product design

By focusing on the development of new product ideas or optimising existing products, we manage to regularly keep up with market trends and customer demands. In this process, implementing technical designs also plays an important role.

To ensure that this task is always carried out with a high degree of quality, the needs of the relevant target groups are considered when it comes to the design concept. In global trade, quality and innovation are particularly important; these must be reflected in the design of any given product. Functional, elegant design is an essential factor in highlighting our products on the market and ensuring sales success.

We develop our products entirely on our own: from sketches and computer-aided design (CAD) through to models, prototyping parts, and packaging samples. Complex software, state-of-the-art technology, 3D printers and our workshop all support our creative work in product design.

Wir entwickeln unsere Produkte aus erster Hand - von der Skizze über computerunterstützte Ausarbeitungen (CAD) bis hin zu Modellen, Prototypingteilen oder Verpackungsmustern. Komplexe Software, modernste Techniken, 3D-Drucker sowie unsere Werkstatt unterstützen dabei die kreative Arbeit im Bereich Produktdesign.


From the idea to the finished product – an example from our everyday development work