Product lines

From childhood to old age
– the best level of quality for every stage of life


A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Overcome your lazy self: enjoy flexible training sessions at home with your own fitness equipment. Reach for your limits and get fit.

Garden & outdoor

Get out into nature! What better place is there to switch off and recharge yourself? With our products, you’ll be well equipped for (almost) every adventure.

Free time

The weekend is finally here: time for family, friends and everything that’s fun! Tend to your hobbies or try something new – maybe even with our products?!


To make you feel comfortable while at home, we offer creative products that are solely focused on your wellbeing. After all, home is where the heart is.

Household and technology

Everyday life poses many challenges – it’s best to let these fall by the wayside while at home. Make your daily tasks easier with our practical household helpers.

Products for children & youths

Discover the world with ease: Our imaginative toys will stave off boredom and provide variety – whether in the playroom or outdoors. For happy children – and parents.

Car accessories

Just getting in the car and driving off can be so easy. The right car accessories help to ensure an enjoyable drive in every season. How about going for a little spin?

Best aging products

From independent living into old age: our practical seniors’ items make everyday life more comfortable, helping to maintain independence at home for a long time.